Update after the Worlds

Endurance training

After the Worlds, after holidays, after skiing, it was again time to get into shape for the first big goal of the season: the European Championships in august this year.

Due to college I skipped the first endurance road camp in Mallorca and focused on my school. Luckily it was very good weather too in the Netherlands, so it sometimes felt like I was abroad! A lot of kilometres were finished in those four weeks of endurance and condition.

Met een aantal (bijna) valpartijen was ik blij met de tweede prijs als eindresultaat.

Vier Bahnen Tournee

Weeks passed and the “Four Bahnen Tournee” was already there. I only rode 2 races out of four, and they went above expectation. The first race in Oschelbronn was a sprint tournament were I ended up with a third place. The next day in Oberhausen there was a Keirin tournament. Because the weather wasn’t cooperating and it was an outside track, the schedule was shortened. With a lot of (near) crashes, I got away with a second place were I was also very happy about!

UCI points

Up next is a little East Europe tour in the end of July were the main focus is gaining UCI-points to have enough points to attend the World Cups upcoming winter.

Let the summer begin.

Cheers Shanne