The Worlds


The Worlds… The global battle for honor, personal goals, highlights, rainbow jerseys and medals is already over. The whole season the World Championships was for our Dutch Team the main goal. The magic of it was that it took place in Apeldoorn last week. Apeldoorn was the center of worldwide track cycling for a while.

We rose above ourselves.


My World Championship started with a flying start by winning a silver medal on the Team Sprint together with Kyra Lamberink, Hetty van de Wouw and Laurine van Riessen. A real team fort. We rose above ourselves.

The Sprint

The sprint tournament started the next day. My final station was the quarterfinals. At the end I finished in sixth place in the knock-out system. A result that I am certainly satisfied with and it offers perspectives for the future.


Finally, the Keirin tournament was on Sunday. My minimum goal was to reach the grand finale. When I got to the final my only goal was to win the gold medal. Unfortunately for me the finish line had to be 50 meters earlier. It was all or nothing. It does not take away that it was a strong ride, but in the end you do not get anything for that. I finished fifth.


All in all, the World Championships, certainly for our Dutch team, was a huge success. We won the medal rankings and there were no less than five world titles caught by the sprint men and Kirsten Wild.

We moeten punten gaan verdienen voor de Olympische Spelen.

Rest and new goals

Currently we have 14 days of rest. Then we prepare for the new season, where the Olympic cycle will start. We have to earn points for the Olympic Games.