The Euro’s

The beginning of the track season

Last weekend finally it was time for the beginning of the track season. The European Championships in Berlin. For me it started on thursday with the teamsprint. Hetty van de Wouw and me alternated and rode together with Kyra Lamberink. We missed the final on literally one hundredth of a second. We got the chance to ride for a bronze medal. Together with Kyra I managed to win this race. Eventually with a PR in the second round. A good start of the tournament for me.

Next week the first World Cup starts in Poland.


My next race was the Keirin. Unfortunately, this ended too early.  In the semifinals I fell. Because I fell hard a picture was taken in the hospital of my neck and head. So, for me the Euros ended in the hospital. I was not able to compete at the Sprint. From this week my focus is on recovery. Next week the first World Cup starts in Poland. I will do everything necessary to start there and compete for the medals.