Foto: Stephan Sieller

Six Days and more training

Six Days of Rotterdam

I started 2018 already good with the ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam’. The first 3 days I rode a competition with Kyra Lamberink, Elis Ligtlee and Laurine van Riessen. It was a chance for the audience to get to know the elite womens sprint team of the Netherlands. After 3 nights of sprinting I finished second together with Elis and behind Laurine. I did manage to better the track record (the old record was also mine…). All in all it was a nice tournament.

Training camp

The focus now is on weight training. After that we will fly to Anadia, Portugal for a training camp at the end of January. The goal in Portugal will be fine tuning the details ahead of the World Championships in Apeldoorn at the end of February, beginning of March.

There are still some tickets available so don’t hesitate and come see me live!


Foto’s: Stephan Sieller