East-European Tour

Rhythm and UCI points

The past three weeks have been dominated by race rhythm, UCI points and hard training. That certainly all happened and steps are made for the upcoming season.

I'm talking about Kristina Vogel's crash.

Kristina Vogel

But then something very tragic happened, which makes everything quite relative. I’m talking about Kristina Vogel’s crash. (More than enough attention has been in the press.) The accident happened a few days before the last race, which actually turned the whole world of track cycling upside down. We were at the training and it was immediately clear that is was a serious matter, we were all in disbelief. It stayed that wat the remaining time in Cottbus. On character and especially because her teammates did it too, we finished the races. Out of support you talk to each other and the togetherness among the riders is very present. But in the end you still feel pretty useless and now at home it still feels very strange.


I would like to pay attention to the website www.staystrongkristina.com. It is a way to help her during the long rehabilitation and all the other issues that await her. Nobody knows what that road will look like exactly and I hope she will recover as good as possible !!!!